Create Business Processes

Learn how do create a Business Process composed from existing Icinga2 Checks.

Adding our first Business Process Definition

Now that BPMON is set up, lets define a business process. Again, we do that via YAML, a file per business process. Put the following content into $BPMON_BASE/bp.d/web_service_x.yaml

# Give it a name. Names can be changed anytime...
name: Web Service X
# Also give it an ID. This is used to store results in the database and
# therefore should not be changed.
id: ws_x
# Tell BPMON during what time the process needs to be avalable. Remember
# the availabilities section from the global configuration...? This links 
# there.
availability: medium
# You can also specify a 'responsible' string. This string can then be used in
# the trigger template. This could be for example trigger a specific http
# end point, pass some uri parameters, send an email to a specific address etc.
# The 'responsible' string is inherited by its KPIs if not overwritten...
# By providing a list of 'recipients' subcommands such as 'dashboard' can
# use that information in order do provide some sort of authorization.
recipients: [ UsersAppX ]
# Now the KPIs...
    # We already know the name and ID part...
    name: Database Availability
    id: db_availability
    # The 'operatinon' defines how the services must be evaluated. Possible
    # options are:
    # * AND:          All services need to be 'OK' for the KPI to be 'OK'.
    # * OR:           At least one sf its services needs to fo 'OK'.
    # * MIN x:        Where x is an integer. A minimum number of x services
    #                 need to be 'OK'
    # * MINPERCENT x:  As 'MIN', but in percent.
    operation: OR
    # Again, a 'responsible' string can be specified in order not to inherit
    # from the parent BP.
    # And now the processes. Host and service relate to how you named those
    # things in your Icinga2 setup.
      - { host:, service: ping } 
      - { host:, service: ping }
  - name: Frontend Nodes Availability
    id: frontend_availability
    operation: MINPERCENT 60
      - host:
        service: api_health
      - { host:, service: api_health }
      - { host:, service: api_health }
      - { host:, service: api_health }
      - { host:, service: api_health }
      - { host:, service: api_health }

Certainly you have to adopt the configuration to match systems monitored via your icinga instance or use icingamock to use our Business Process Definition:

icingamock -bp $BPMON_BASE/bp.d

Configuration done, lets check…!

Next up: Run BPMON