BPMON is an open source project - contributions are welcome. If you are willing to do so make sure to stick to the following steps:

  1. Discuss the problem you want to solve: Before spending time to fix an issue, add a feature or just clean up our mess, make sure we have a common understanding of the thing you want to address; raise an issue on GitHub describing the problem you are facing and describe your approach to fix it. This way we make sure BPMON does not get (more) feature bloated and none of your time gets wasted implementing stuff that will not make it upstream.

  2. Now implement: As soon as we reached consensus you can start building. Fork, build, and send a pull request.

  3. Thanks, you are awesome!

Need help?

No problem. Feel free to reach out… Since we currently have no contact form, raise an issue on GitHub or send me a DM on twitter.